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About us.

Our overall approach is to provide a complete and detailed picture of the financial, legal, tax and corporate situations of our clients. Our recommendations aim at maximizing tax benefits provided by the current tax legislation.


Founded in 2008 by Me Pascal Thibodeau, the firm has rapidly positioned itself on the trade and legal scene of Laval and the North Shore, mainly providing specialized services in taxation.

The name EKITAS was inspired by the latin term Aequitas which reflects the ideology of equity, justice and equality. In roman mythology, Aequitas is the goddess of trade, represented by a horn of plenty as well as a scale, symbol of justice.

Since its foundation, the EKITAS team has been developed around professionals who are sensitive to the reality of business people and of small and medium-sized businesses. The arrival of Me Luc-Olivier Herbert and Me Nancy Tapp as associates in 2015, has allowed on one hand to expand the provision of services of the firm by adding an experienced litigant and on the other hand, to consolidate the team of tax experts and counselors in trade law.

The global and personalized approach advocated by EKITAS aims at meeting the needs of companies and individuals in search of a high-level expertise in taxation, business law, trade law and conflict management.

Our approach


We believe that to make the best recommendations to our clients, we must draw a complete and detailed picture of the financial, legal, tax and corporate situation of our clients. We ensure that our recommendations maximize the tax benefits provided by tax laws in force.

Our approach is structured and personalized according to the specific situation of our clients:

  • Detailed list of information during briefing meetings
  • Evaluation of financial, corporate, personal and tax objectives
  • Analysis of the tax and financial documentation, both personal and corporate
  • Collaboration with specialized counselors in accordance with the guidelines laid down
  • Confirmation of mandate by transmission of tax recommendations in the form of a memo
  • Fulfilment of the mandate
  • Follow-up and adjustments according to the needs of the client, if necessary.


Whenever possible, we will evaluate the needs and objectives of our clients in order to present them a well documented package.

Therefore, throughout the mandate, our clients can feel free to consult us without having the impression that the meter is running. They can also choose billing on an hourly basis, depending on the option that they prefer.

At Ekitas, it’s our clients’ time that counts. We adapt to their needs.