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Our practice areas.

We aim at meeting the needs of businesses and individuals in search of a high-level expertise in taxation, corporate law, commercial law and litigation. Our approach is structured and tailored to the specific situation of our clients.

Tax and estate planning

Taxation is a complex area which often has consequences in businesses and the development of any given company.

Whether you are in business or whether you are holding a heritage of a certain value, our contribution consists in:

  • developing strategies in order to reduce your taxes with a financial and tax plan adapted to your needs and reality
  • protecting your heritage with a protection of assets or an appropriate tax plan
  • ensuring a smooth transition of your assets to your heirs
  • estate freezing
  • company transfering within families
  • controlling and implementing business agreements applied to your business reality.

Our team of tax experts knows the specific and applicable legislative principles inside out, therefore is able to carefully plan your current and future economic situation.

Our approach in terms of tax planning is comprehensive and adapts itself to the specifics of your personal and corporate situation as well as your needs.. Proper tax planning provides you with  a fair and significant return of things in terms of time and investment which you will have devoted to it

Our interventions
  • Tax, financial and estate planning
  • Taxation strategies to minimize tax impact
  • Drafting of wills, mandates in case of incapacity, power of attorney, etc.
  • Heritage management
  • Asset protection
  • Revenue sharing
  • Creation of trusts
  • Tax litigation resolution
  • Dispute notices of contribution

Corporate law

The decisions regarding the legal status and the corporate structure of a company, the day-to-day management and the strategic decisions connected to the growth of any given company have important legal and financial repercussions.

Any given commercial transaction must be thoroughly evaluated in order to minimize the impact on the tax and legal levels and therefore maximize the benefits.

Our comprehensive and personalized approach consists of adopting a long-term and lasting vision of the development of your business by implanting a legal structure which will encourage growth and profitability..

Our role as legal and strategic councillors is to inform and advise you on the consequences of your choices and support you on the legal and tax levels.

Our interventions
  • Corporate and company constitution
  • Structure and restructuring of share capital
  • Drafting and negotiation of agreements between shareholders
  • Evaluation of financial strategies
  • Funding
  • Amalgamations, acquisitions, sales and dissolution of companies
  • Corporate and tax restructuration
  • Drafting and resolution of annual assemblies, and follow-up on provincial and federal legislation
  • Update corporate books, including the drafting of resolutions and rules including the bank resolutions, borrowing by-laws and declaration of dividends
  • Drafting, revision and negotiation of purchasing and stock selling conventions

Tax litigation

It is better to be safe than sorry. Our approach in terms of taxation is oriented towards prevention and the implementation of legal and effective commercial practices aiming at reducing the risks of litigation opposing you to tax authorities.

However, if it turns out that you find yourself in a situation where you have to answer questions from the federal or provincial tax authorities, we can help, advise and represent you.

Our team is able to analyze the implications of requests which are raised and identify the possible solutions in order to resolve your situation with different levels of government.

We put our priority on the rules of tax litigation by way of negotiated agreements, and this, in the best interest of our clients. Our litigants possess strong skills which enables them to represent your interests and maximize your chances of success before the courts.

  • Preparation and intervention in tax audits
  • Preparation of administrative and opposition appeals
  • Negotiation and settlement of tax litigations
  • Court challenge
  • Negotiation of agreements with tax authorities from the departments of perception

Civil and disciplinary litigation

Our strategic advice and our interventions aim at preventing potential conflicts and handling them if they occur. We propose creative and personalized approaches to conflicts, and this, in various fields, particularly commercial litigation, disputes between shareholders, ethics and disciplinary law, defamation, construction, personal injuries, etc.

Our approach adapts itself to the needs of our clients. Trials are not the only possible option in the event of litigation, even if at first glance, the positions of the parties may seem to be far apart. Often, early settlements are better suited to the real objectives of our clients. When this proves to be a possible and appropriate solution, we put everything in motion in order to facilitate a settlement without the intervention of the courts.

When the intervention of the courts becomes necessary, you will be able to count on the Ekitas litigants who know how to identify the real issues involved. Pleading is not a necessary evil but rather an art that we are constantly improving.

Our interventions
  • Negotiation and mediation
  • Prevention and dispute resolution
  • Representation and pleading before the courts and disciplinary boards
  • Legal drafting (formal notices, legal proceedings, contracts, receipts)
Spheres of activity
  • Civil litigation
  • Special judicial remedies: injunction and seizures before judgement
  • Real estate law
  • Disciplinary and professional law
  • Trade law
  • Construction litigation
  • Insurance